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Comprehensive engineering and sustainable design

SolarisLab pushes the limits of efficiency and sustainability to support companies in delivering life-changing technologies to the Next Billion with Product Design & Engineering Services

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"SolarisLab provides a holistic approach that can meet the evolving needs of clean energy manufacturers and last-mile distributors.  I admire the adaptability of their approach, and one thing that is guaranteed is that it will be high-quality, reliable, and innovative engineering, able to keep up with the fast-moving technology in the clean energy space." 

 Claire Baker, Associate Director of Business Development at 

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Services Shortlist

What SolarisLab offers

An overview of our Essential Design and Engineering services 

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Open source technology to accompany you to the last-mile

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A proven five- step process to bring product concept to market

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Performance assessment for PAYGO enabled products

SUITE_Dev_Product Design & Dev copy 6.png

Packaging Design

Protect your products under last mile transportation

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Illustrative design for more intuitive user experience

Firmware Development and Maintenance

Industry standard development and integration

SUITE_Dev_Product Design & Dev copy 8.png

Customisation to facilitate product development

BOM Cost Optimization

Finding competitive pricing  to minimise manfacturing costs

Learn about the engineers bringing sustainable innovation to the forefront

OpenPAYGO Link

Brought to you by Solaris Offgrid and Efficiency for Access, it is a free and open source technology designed for SHS or appliance manufacturers willing to scale by adopting an interoperable communication protocol. 

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