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OpenPAYGO™ Link

The free open-source communication protocol integration for Token and Metrics cross-communication between PAYGO controllers and appliances.


This open-source technology was developed by SolarisLab, in partnership with Efficiency for Access. OpenPAYGO™ Link is a free, secure, and open-source communication protocol for PAYGO appliances that promotes interoperability among devices and provides a fixed, reliable connection. This technology of the OpenPAYGO™ Suite serves as a direct physical connection which links smart home appliances to PAYGO-enabled SHS. 

How does OPL work

How does OpenPAYGO™ Link work?

OpenPAYGO™ Link combines both a wired connection and an open-source communication protocol to provide an inexpensive and easy-to-integrate solution for devices in the field. Based on LIN standards, OpenPAYGO™ Link is designed to be a low-cost solution while remaining robust and modulable for optimised communication between devices and simple implementation in the field. 

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How to implement OpenPAYGO™ Link:

To implement this technology, there are a few options depending on your precise system requirements:

  1. The STM8-based development board: this small PCB includes the hardware required for OpenPAYGO™ Link (MCU + transceiver) as well as a buck converter to supply power from the power line, a switch controlled by the MCU, a push button and an LED to facilitate testing.

  2. The STM8-based addon board: this small PCB includes the bare minimum required for OpenPAYGO™ Link. You can add this addon board to an existing PCB as a way to quickly add the OpenPAYGO™ Link to your system without making any changes to the main MCU of your system

  3. Adapt the library for your main MCU: This is the most cost-efficient method as it does not require a secondary MCU just for OpenPAYGO™ Link.  This also requires your MCU to be compatible with 9-bit multiprocessor UART. 

Our engineers are currently working to evolve the span of OpenPAYGO™ Link to increase the technology’s modularity and expand the capabilities of OpenPAYGO™ Suite. 

Our vision

Through experience, SolarisLab engineers have found that there is a discrepancy within PAYGO market devices when it comes to larger appliances. The idea driving the development of OpenPAYGO™ Link is to provide a useful technology which would permit larger appliances (refrigerators, freezers) to be connected to SHS which already have a token entry mechanism implemented (interface), making them PAYGO ready. OpenPAYGO™ Link can be installed with the addition of a small module to enable connectivity with SHS in the home, which can then serve as an interface for the device itself. 

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