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OpenPAYGO™ Token Certified Devices

Solaris Offgrid engineers from the SolarisLab team have first-hand reviewed and tested the following devices to certify that the integration with OpenPAYGO™ Token is compliant, which makes these devices PAYGO enabled and ready to be connected with PaygOps or any other PAYGO software compatible with OpenPAYGO™ Token.

*If a product doesn't appear on this official list, it has not been certified by us.

How to get your device OpenPAYGO™ certified

If your product is Paygo enabled with OpenPAYGO™ Token, but you want SolarisLab engineers (who developed the OpenPAYGO™ Token technology) to certify that the integration is compliant, you can request your product to be tested and reviewed. You will receive a full report, an Official Certification Diploma and a Badge that validates your product is Paygo enabled with OpenPAYGO™ Token.​


*$800 one-time service fee

Other Brands that trust OpenPAYGO Token

Hundreds of manufacturers have accessed the OpenPAYGO™ Token repository and these are some examples of brands that use OpenPAYGO™ technology, although the OpenPAYGO™ Token is not used exclusively by the brands on this list.

Koolboks logo carrousel .jpeg
Sun Worth OpenPAYGO Token
solar village.webp
  • Do I have to pay you anything to add this into my products?
    No! It’s absolutely free and will stay that way forever. The EnAccess Foundation covered the development costs as part of their mission and provided the technology for free to maximise the number of companies that use it in their products/projects.
  • Can I use this with any PAYGO platform?
    Yes, anybody can integrate this for free to allow you to use any OpenPAYGO device in it.
  • Can it be secure even if everybody knows how it works?
    Yes absolutely, the security here relies on cryptographic principles and is linked to the secrecy of the keys you generate and put in your products. For more details you can find an independent security audit of this system with the package.
  • Can I use the token to transmit something other than activation time (e.g. settings)?
    Yes, this was designed to be expandable and allow you to do just this quite easily following the examples for the extended tokens.
  • What if I need help integrating?
    If you are having difficulties integrating and cannot find the information you need within the documentation or the community, SolarisLab team offers integration help on a consulting basis.
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