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SolarisLab Case Studies

Discover how SolarisLab develops PAYGO innovations, collaborating with and promoting organisations, driven people and change makers!

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Case studies

OpenPAYGO™ Token

Developed with funding awarded by the EnAccess Foundation, Solaris Offgrid developed an open- source PAYGO (Pay-As-You-Go) communication protocol that aims to enable any product with PAYGO capability. 

OpenPAYGO™ Metrics

Free open-source API specification which optimises usage-based data management of your PAYGO devices and exchanges data using a standardised format which is both compact and efficient.

OpenPAYGO™ Link

Part of the OpenPAYGO™ Suite, and funded by Efficiency for Access, this free and open-source technology is thoughtfully designed for manufacturers who aim to scale by adopting an interoperable communication protocol. 

Product Design

SolarisLab team offers Paygo product development as a comprehensive service. With deep expertise in the industry, we specialise in creating tailored, high-quality solutions that align with market demands. Read more about our end-to-end product development support and unlock the potential of your Paygo offerings.

Product Design
LED Lamp

LED Lamp

Since  2018, Solaris Offgrid led by SolarisLab has been conducting research on LED lighting for SHS. Through surveys, our engineers have collected valuable field information regarding light temperature, intensity and selling price.

The established design required the development of a new LED driver board which was materialised in a small batch of PCBs  and enclosure prototypes.

Solar Panel Mounting

Our team conducted solar panel mounting installations in the field. This hands-on experience enabled us to assess the impact of different orientations on energy generation, ultimately determining the optimal conditions for maximum efficiency and output in a specific geographical context. Our novel design provided distributors with easy-to-transport components that could be installed in less than a minute for less than 2.5 USD per solar panel. 

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