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About Us

SolarisLab's experienced engineers provide Product Design and Engineering Services to support companies delivering essential services. 

Who we are

SolarisLab is the engineering force from Solaris Offgrid that pushes the limits of efficiency and sustainability to support companies in delivering life-changing technology for the Next Billion. We guide manufacturers to design successful products oriented to inclusive energy access around the world, and walk them through the whole process of bringing products to life.

SolarisLab meeting
About us
Solaris Offgrid Team

Our mission. Our vision.

SolarisLab is a team of engineers with vast experience in the design of electronic products oriented to inclusive energy access around the world, constantly devoted to walking manufacturers across all industries to bring essential products to life, from idea to market. The vision behind our missions is motivated by an ongoing commitment to promote clean and affordable energy access throughout the Paygo sector.

Our values

We adhere to an “in the field, for the field” approach when it comes to our engineering. This principle remains at the heart of our endeavour with years of invaluable experience. SolarisLab began as the product development wing of Solaris Offgrid in Sub-Saharan Africa, with solar-home- system design, manufacture and installation. Today, we maintain the values accrued from this experience and are able to translate them into the expertise we bring to our partner relationships.

Solaris Offgrid brainstorming
SolarisLab PCB

Our projects

Behind the engineering talent that makes up SolarisLab, you will find the creators of the OpenPAYGO™ Suite. This interoperable technology stack is Solaris Offgrid’s renowned ecosystem of open-source tools, widely praised by PAYGO product manufacturers and distributors for helping them reduce costs and provide more rapid access to innovations for the end user.

In a nutshell, SolarisLab is Essential Design and Engineering.
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Trusted by the European Commission

Following a rigurous evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, Solaris Offgrid Smart Battery Project was recognised as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process, and has been certified with the Seal Of Excellence by the European Commission Horizon Europe Programme.

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