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Driving Transparency and Compatibility with OpenPAYGO™ Token Certification

OpenPAYGO™ Token is a freely available token-generating protocol developed by SolarisLab (a division of Solaris Offgrid) in collaboration with EnAccess. This development has become an industry standard adopted by manufacturers to allow users at the “bottom of the pyramid” to have affordable access to essential services on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. The technology is designed in a way that its installation should be fairly self-sufficient. However, having a recognised third party to first-hand review and test the Paygo devices to certify that the integration with OpenPAYGO™ is compliant can bring numerous benefits to manufacturers. That's why SolarisLab offers the OpenPAYGO™ Token Certification Service.

SolarisLab openpaygo token certification

Why certify?

Within the current context, estimations hold that millions of individuals globally still lack reliable access to clean and affordable energy solutions. OpenPAYGO™ Token is part of a game-changing initiative spearheaded by SolarisLab engineers as a branch of Solaris Offgrid which is playing a pivotal role in the expansion of energy access by addressing limitations relating to transparency, interoperability, and security for Paygo tokens used in off-grid energy solutions.

For Paygo manufacturers, one of the challenges standing between them and market penetration is the relationship building and confirmed credibility necessary to have their product ranges capture the attention of Last Mile Distributors (LMDs). Because OpenPAYGO™ Token is evolving as an industry standard for Paygo devices, distributors are often looking to adopt device ranges which are compatible with this technology fresh off of the assembly line and have a preference for those which have already had the Token system implemented.

Prominent organisations have already sought our expertise for certification that their Paygo devices are correctly integrated. We have collaborated with leading energy services providers like Victron Energy, Bboxx, Lorentz, Bluetti, Sinoware, and Sandstream Nigeria Limited, to ensure device compliance with this industry standard in addition to assuring the reliability and security of their devices and our official OpenPAYGO Token Certified list is continually evolving. Most recently SolarisLab engineers have awarded the OpenPAYGO™ Token certification to Sinoware, where engineers were able to integrate this open-source technology autonomously within their SHS SunHome- Base 100.

"To benefit from the free and secure Open Source Token System developed by SolarisLab and The EnAccess Foundation, we implemented our device to be PAYGO compatible and officially certified, making it easier for distributors to grow their operations since anyone can integrate the device and connect with different platforms."

- Tommy Huang, Marketing Director at Sinoware Technology

Facilitating the connection between Paygo manufacturers and LMDs

In the complex landscape of Last Mile Distribution, one challenge frequently faced by distributors is the uncertainty surrounding a device's compatibility with their preferred software management system, such as PaygOps. It's not uncommon for distributors to find themselves grappling with the question of whether a device is Paygo enabled or not. By obtaining a certification that verifies a device as Paygo enabled and having undergone rigorous review and testing, manufacturers are able to gain valuable visibility and validation. This certification is a powerful tool for manufacturers seeking to attract distributors, as it offers the assurance and confidence necessary for distributors to choose their products for distribution. With this symbiotic relationship between certification and distribution, manufacturers can successfully navigate the competitive market and thrive in the industry.

"The OpenPAYGO Token certification process provides the manufacturer and distributors with the confidence that there is product compatibility through 3rd party testing. OpenPAYGO Token is very logical for us as a manufacturer, and for our customers. It offers independence for the customer to be able to move paygo management platforms as their business evolves, it also helps us to reduce our product variants, a win / win.

- Elina Berry, Project Manager at Lorentz

It can be beneficial for actors in the manufacturing sector of the solar energy industry to establish external validation through industry-recognized standards. As co-developer of this development and conceptors of the integration process, SolarisLab engineers possess an in-depth understanding and intimate knowledge of the original OpenPAYGO™ Token vision.

How does the process work?

Certification addresses various limitations that commonly arise in Paygo devices. Our certification process addresses not only the compliance of the implementation itself, but goes even further to assess details regarding the behaviour of the user interface, as well as verifying that the core hardware requirements were met during manufacturing.

For analysis of the open-source implementation process, our engineers conduct rigorous tests on receipt of a manufacturer’s device to assess the system’s reactivity. This process includes measuring activation times during a “short test”, analysing waiting periods and evaluating a device’s reaction time upon entry of an invalid token. As an extension of these procedures, we also look at how a device’s user interface behaves to anticipate realistic use. We closely examine how the device responds when data is entered using the keypad, as an example a device may feature an LCD screen which illuminates each time a digit is entered or the user may visualise a message indicating that the token was not valid. Based on these observations we can make recommendations to improve the design so that activation with the Token and usage can be more streamlined and intuitive for the end-user. This comprehensive approach guarantees that the certified devices not only meet technical requirements but also offer a user-centric design.

With an understanding of the rapidly evolving nature of the field of solar energy and its versatile applications, we’ve designed our certification program to be adaptable in order to accommodate a variety of sustainable solutions.

Example ecosystem of OpenPAYGO Token Certified devices
Example ecosystem of OpenPAYGO Token Certified devices


Receiving certification from a third party can bring an unbiased perspective as well as external expertise to ensure that compliance is met. The OpenPAYGO™ Token certification program is the continuation of our commitment to fostering durable relationships and driving sustainable growth for manufacturers in the Paygo sector. Our expertise stems from our key role as co-developers of the technology which was conceived to provide a solid foundation for seamless integration, compatibility with fewer limitations, and security. When organisations partner with SolarisLab, they are able to leverage our trusted solutions and tap into an expansive ecosystem of like-minded actors, benefiting from our experience, innovation, and collaborative approach. In addition to OpenPAYGO™ Token, the SolarisLab engineering force is also behind OpenPAYGO™ Metrics, Link, and the OpenPAYGO™ Pass currently in development.

Our engineering team adheres firmly to a policy which promotes transparency and provides a seamless experience for manufacturers. For this reason, the OpenPAYGO™ Token Certification process is associated with a pricing guarantee, offering a fixed-price structure. Our approach helps to eliminate cost-related surprises, provides clarity from the outset and upholds our foundational principle of transparency throughout the certification process.

SolarisLab offers a comprehensive range of engineering services on a consultatory basis which provide invaluable support to manufacturers and Last Mile Distributors in the sustainable solar energy sector. In addition to our expertise in the conception of open-source technologies, our capabilities are extensive to include a wider and more holistic spectrum of solutions in the industry. Our services include product benchmarking, enabling clients to gauge the performance and quality of their solar products against industry standards. With our product development service, we have consulted with actors in the marketplace to advance their product design and ensure that they remain at the forefront of technological innovation. With our holistic approach to engineering, SolarisLab engineers are committed to empowering organisations in the solar sector and steering them to success in the renewable energy market.

If you are interested in the OpenPAYGO™ Token Certification or any other of our services, please contact us!

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