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We support manufacturers across all industries in the sustainable energy sector through Product Development services. We offer expertise and engineering acumen strengthened by valuable experience in the sector

OpenPAYGO Suite

Thoughtfully engineered stack of open source technology developed with  Solaris Offgrid to accompany distributors and manufacturers up to the last mile. This open source technology is available for download on the internet and can be implemented by manufacturers and Last-Mile Distributors directly. In the cases where organisations lack the expertise to perform the integration or when they encounter difficulties down the line, SolarisLab provides integration services to assist manufacturers and LMDs in correctly implementing the technology. When we assist in the implementation process, we ensure that our client is making the most of the features on their OpenPAYGO enabled devices.

This suite includes:

  • OpenPAYGO™ Token

  • OpenPAYGO™ Metrics​

  • OpenPAYGO™ Link

OpenPAYGO Suite
Product Design.jpg

Product Design & Development

SolarisLab will guide you through each phase of the design process, taking your ideas to market through a proven 5-step process.

1. Ideation

2. Design

3. Engineering

4. Validation

5. Manufacture

Product Design and Dev
Product Bnmkg

Product Benchmarking

To assist PAYGO manufacturers and distributors, we perform testing on PAYGO-enabled products to better assess market choice, and points of improvement and to establish a benchmark for product performance. Our process begins when our engineers receive samples of products, their components, or modules, we then compare the efficiency through testing to develop an understanding about the quality of the engineering and its performance. 

We help you to make informed decisions and produce more reliable products contributing to positive brand association.

Benchmarking (1).jpg

Packaging Design

Protect your products under last-mile transportation with compact and attentively conceived designs tailored to your needs.

We provide packaging services for:

> Product protection

> Transportation and last-mile distribution scenarios

> Pallet & maritime container fitting

> Cost impact analysis

> Graphic design and description

> Labelling and specified information for importation procedures

User Documentation

User Documentation

We create intuitive, graphic documentation for PAYGO distributors and end-users to better accommodate lingual and cultural barriers. Our focus is on producing simple-to-understand graphics that communicate information while centring your brand’s design language.


We provide you with full-resolution images of the following:

> User manual

> Quick install guides

> Troubleshooting guides

> Assembly guides (for manufacturing)

> Maintenance guides (for technicians)

> End-of-life guide (for disassembly/refurbishment/ recycle)

User Doc
Firmware Dev and Maint
Firmware (1).jpg

Firmware Development & Maintenance

Development and integration services following industry standards and consultancy for installation and upkeep.

Our team uses their expertise to program embedded systems tailored for the energy access industry including IoT solutions to remotely monitor your connected devices. We provide maintenance for all of our smart devices to handle bug fixes, add features, improve memory usage, and improve user interface and enhance user experience.

Prototyping and PCB

PCB Assembly & Prototyping

To facilitate product development, we provide customisations for manufacturers through both mechanical and electrical prototyping services. During prototyping, we seek validation and feedback on our designs from the client.

Our team of engineers handles the production of such prototypes from sourcing the components to soldering them to the PCB.

PCB and Assembly
BOM Cost Opt

BOM Cost Optimisation

To minimise the costs associated with hardware manufacturing, we rely on a network of competitively priced suppliers in European and Chinese markets. We ensure supply availability in order to avoid drastic cost increases as a consequence of component shortages. End-users' budgets can be limited and high prices in manufacturing resulting in high retail costs renders the energy access product prohibitive to market segments.

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